Technology can be regarded as a use of knowledge and tools As well as systems in performing a given duty to produce a better results in an easy way. Technology can also be said is a use of materials to perform a duty and the results in a more convenient manner. Technology has an effect on the way human does his job and also in ability on how he would adapt to his environment. The use of technology begun with the use of natural resources to make simple tools that were used to make work easy and have a control on what is being done. Technology has benefits to human and his working environment.

Benefits of technology

There are several benefits that are associated with technology and have helped in different ways in performing different tasks in different fields. Most companies are concentration on advancing their technology so as they can be able to have better income and improve performance in different fields of work.

Technology has helped in different fields in the company including networking. Initially, networking was done manually with use of connecting cables but now, with advancement of technology, it has become possible to have wireless connectivity of networks (Ambrose, 2001). This may include the LAN (Local area networking) or the WAN (Wide area networking). With proper implementation of networking technology, it provides unique capabilities to the users as well as the administrators. There are association of network and software. They work together to provide connections of different networks which in turn have become beneficial to all who uses the implemented network (Ruth, 1999).

Computers have helped in different ways. Initially, for example, mails were just sent on written form on papers, but with the advancement of technology and software, it has become possible for people to send electronic mails over the internet which is fast and instant, provided the send and the receiver are interconnected and they have the required infrastructure. The network technology have shortened the distance between the sender and the receiver of information, for instance, with a computer and internet connections and live chat software, it has been possible to have a live chat between individuals no matter the distance and in some cases an online conferencing (Frank, 2007).

Technology has also made it possible for sharing hardware in the organization. For instance, an organization may have different individuals on computers and in different departments are able to use one printer. This is a benefit of networking in an organization which was initially done through either connecting the printer to the processing computer or save the data to be printed to a portable devise and use the connected computer to print the document.

Networking technology has on the other hand helped in data management. The data that has been store in the system is easily accessible from anywhere by the users. This helps in managing data as it can be edited, improved or added from any corner provided there is connection. Initially, it was hard to manage data outside the organization as this was only done in a specific computer (Oakley, 1976).


Technology has really changed how work is done. Through the technology, most jobs are well done and take shorter duration than before the inclusion of technology in the work. It has helped save space as there are some of the devises that are being shared probably by the whole organization. Technology has made work easy and fast. With technology, time management has become very possible

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Technical News Articles

Writing sport articles are different from writing sports news. The two are considered to be the same by many people around the world. But it is different in many senses, as there are numerous technicalities involved which you have to follow while writing both of them. These factors are completely different from each other.

Any good writer can differentiate between these two, and can set the criteria to explain it as sport articles are the detailed description of a particular sports category, event, player, authority, equipment or all of them in thorough explanation. The sports news is a concise description of a latest happening, following a summary pattern.

The purpose of a sports article is to describe while that of daily sports news is just to inform. Similarly, the tone of a description is explanatory while that of sports news is informational. Though, a lot of people get confused in this but it is a very simple thing for a reporter to comprehend.

The introduction of new media technology has made it far convenient to communicate both sport articles and sports news. News world has accelerated on a pace faster than ever before. Sports news specifically from diverse categories can now be broadcasted almost instantaneously on a mass level with the help of internet.

More and more innovations have been made on daily basis, setting different trends for us to follow. New heights in sports reporting have been achieved as more and more technology is incorporated into sports reporting just like other types of reporting. Hence this ultimate site for outstanding sports related activities provide us excellent opportunities to take part in sports and find out the best of sports.

Believing these facts, many portals have been established to account for the viewer’s needs. Many of the sports portals claim to bring in exclusive reporting however, only few exist as reliable sources in the world of internet. is among the few renowned names which not only provide exclusive reports, news updates and latest reviews but also facilitates betting. It has two distinguished domains one related to blogs, called and the other one is

Both sites are exclusive for visiting as a solution for sporting needs of many around the world. Articles on bettor are unique and clearly depict the upcoming scenarios in each game. Also the daily sports news is delivered faster than any other portal.

Sports communities on the internet are switching to this portal as an outlet for all sorts of articles and stories due to the quality of services it has been providing. It covers more than 13 categories of sports with authentic reporting on all aspects of games.

The reporters at this portal are highly professional with great affection for sports, and passion for on-time reporting. This is one of the reasons, as this portal is highly recommended in sports circles. So in the nut shell this outstanding and auspicious sports website is creating a lot of opportunities for us to take part in sports and related activities.


Technical News

In Forex trading, there are many ways to analyze the market and predict it. All the analyzing methods will come down to two basic types, either they are fundamental analysis or technical analysis. You can either use the methods individually or you can combine them to use. Fundamental analysis is a process where you take consideration to news releases and research on companies information to predict possible market movements. Technical analysis is a process where you make predictions to possible market movements by analyzing chart patterns. Advance traders uses combination of multiple indicators to predict the market value. In this article, we will concentrate on technical analysis.


There are many approaches to technical analysis for Forex trading. They can be as simple as just reading and predicting from candle sticks of the chart or to as complicated as having multiple indicators to one charts and combine the readings for trading decisions. If you ask me what the best technical analysts is so far, I would say anything that works for you is the best technical analysts. It is as simple as that yet can be very hard to achieve. People can spend months to find that very method which will work for them. Most of them even spent years finding that very method but still cannot get results. There can be many factors affecting the chance of winning while trading Forex. It could be how genuine the analysis method can be, time of trade, the discipline to follow through the trading system or the greed of winning and fear of losing for one. Any of this can be happening at the same time. At most times especially the beginners, fear of losing and greed of winning is always the main problem. When greed takes over a person, he will want the profits to be even bigger while he is winning. So he holds his position which ends up falling to the losing side eventually. When fear takes over a person, he will be holding a losing position expecting it to break even or even win. This can result in losing more money which are unrecoverable. One must be clear minded and know when to close a position and take profits and the correct time. Emotional trading is never the way.


The best technical analysts that are able to earn millions can be in your hands. But without the right mindset, these so call “best technical analysts” methods cannot perform and you can even lose money with it. So after all, it is not about the whether you have the best technical analysts on your hands or not. It is all about how patience and discipline you are in the trading ground.

Technical News Articles

So, you’re thinking about writing a technical article. You know, one of those articles with step by step instructions for doing some kind of a process. Well, these articles can actually be quite dull if you stick to the standard step one, step two format. It’s kind of like trying to get excited reading a cook book. So, what I am going to do in this article is give you some tips to make those technical articles not so boring.

Sticking with the same step by step format, the first thing you want to do is give your reader the step. You want to make sure that you’ve outlined it as clearly as possible. There should be absolutely no question as to what they’re supposed to do. Too many step by step guides leave out important information that leads to a person standing over a sink with a screwdriver, not having a clue what to do with it. Okay, be clear.

Here is where we start to put some life into the article. After detailing the step itself, the next thing you want to do is point out something to look for that will make the process go a little better. For example, let’s say you’re writing a step by step guide on how to play Sim City 4. Step one might be to choose a city within your region. That step alone is simple, on the surface, but adding something like, “You probably want to start with a city size that is small to begin with if this is your first one. They’re easier to manage and will give you some good experience that you can use towards building larger cities.”

While the above explanation is not crucial to the actual step itself (choosing a city) it will help the person’s game experience because it’s adding a tip to the step. The more of these you add, the more valuable each step in itself becomes.

In addition to giving tips on what TO do, you might then want to include a warning under each step on something that they should be careful of. For example, let’s say we’re writing an article that’s a step by step set of instructions on formatting a CD. Step one might be as simple as “Open up the CD drive and put the CD in.” But unless somebody knows what the part of the CD is that has to be written to, they may end up putting it in upside down. Therefore, you might want to add something under the step like, “Be careful not to put the CD in upside down. The blue side should be face down when putting the CD in the drive.”

Finally, you might want to include your own experience with each step, especially if it’s a step that lends itself to being expanded upon. For example, let’s say you’re writing a step by step guide on microwaving chicken nuggets. You might want to add something like, “My experience has shown me that when the package says 2 minutes on high, most microwaves, especially as they get older, take a little more time. So you might want to try 2 and a half minutes.”

Adding a personal touch to the article will go a long way to keeping the reader’s attention.

There you have it…three simple tips that should help turn your dull technical article into a work of art…or close to it anyway.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Philips Fidelio E5 brings on-demand surround sound to the living room

Philips Fidelio E5 brings on-demand surround sound to the living room

If the prospect of fiddling with wires and boxes has prolonged plans to build that home cinema, Philips may have the solution – the Fidelio E5 – which (after quite a long wait) is now available to buy.

Throwing out some of the, the E5 system consists of two sound towers and a wireless subwoofer. But there’s more to those pillars than meets the eye: the tower tops can be detached, creating an additional two independent wireless speakers to be placed anywhere around the room.

Well, so long as its no further than 20 meters.

Satellite of love

Detaching the satellite speakers will automatically convert the system’s 2.1 stereo to full 5.1 surround sound. You’ve also got the option to use NFC for simple pairing of your wireless gadgets.

We had a play with it back at IFA last year and certainly liked the flexibility the E5 offers up. It also passed our ‘Transformers test’ as we tried the speakers while watching Michael Bay’s third robot romp – with pleasing results.

It’s available for £600 (around $ 1025, AU$ 1094). US and Australia prices are yet to be confirmed but Philips has promised to let us know when it has some figures.

  • Hands on with the Philips Fidelio E5

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New Steady App From Stupeflix Shoots Video With Cinematic Stabilization

framed-skate-square Last year Instagram made its first acquisition, buying Y Combinator company Luma which had come up with an app which could stabilize normally shaky video. It needed this stabilisation technology for obvious photographic reasons, leaving the way open for a new company to take its place. Steady is a new app from long-time online video startup Stupeflix, which has slowly but surely been building up… Read More


HTC One M9 release date, price, specs: what we expect to see from the HTC One M9 in 2015

HTC One M9

This is the page on which we will gather together all the latest news and rumours about the HTC One M9 release date, price, specs.

We love the HTC One M8: a splendid smartphone with great and stylish build. But it is never too early to start thinking about the next great thing. We know almost nothing about the HTC One M9, but this is the page on which we will collate information and rumour as it comes in. Welcome to our HTC One M9 release date, price, specs page. (See also: The 35 best smartphones: The best phones you can buy in 2014.)

HTC One M9 release date

Cards on the table: no-one, not even HTC, knows when the HTC One M9 launches. HTC has settled into a nice pattern of launching its flagship phone in the Spring, in the weeks after the MWC show.

In 2015 MWC takes place in the first week of March, so expect the HTC One M9 to launch in the third week of 2015. Generally speaking availability in the UK follows a couple of weeks later. (See also: 34 best Android smartphones in UK: What’s the best Android phone you can buy in 2014?)

HTC One M9 price

Again HTC has been pretty consistent in its pricing of its top end HTC One smartphones. The original HTC One M7 went on sale for around £500 before settling back to £450. Fast forward to the HTC One M8 and the original SRP was £550, although you can now get it slightly cheaper if you shop around.

Components get cheaper over time, but inflation goes up. And HTC needs to make a decent wedge from each handset. The next-gen HTC One will have flagship specs, so expect it to retail for something between £500 and £600. (See also: 8 cheapest 4G smartphones in the UK 2014: Best budget 4G phones.)

HTC One M9 specs

It’s way too early to say with any confidence what spefication to expect when the HTC One M9 launches next year. But expect nothing less than the very best available to the market at the time.

Key questions include whether HTC will stay with ARM processors, or if there is any chance of Intel muscling its way into top-level smartphones. Will 4K smartphones be so di rigeur that the HTC One M9 sports an Ultra HD display?

We do expect a larger display, in a similarly sized handset.

It will be interesting to see how HTC moves with the ultrapixel camera, too. And expect the HTC One M9 to run the latest version of Android. (See also: What’s the fastest smartphone 2014: processor, graphics, web performance comparison.)

HTC One M9 design / concept images

We know nothing about the HTC One M9’s design, but there have been some interesting concept images, including the one below:

HTC One M9

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Apps don’t look so strange on the BlackBerry Passport after all

Apps don't look so strange on the BlackBerry Passport after all

Ok ok, so we’ve all had a jibe at the BlackBerry Passport, but to give credit to the company, at least it’s thinking a little outside of the typically-rectangular box.

The super-square phone might have its benefits, however it’s the 1:1 aspect ratio that’s had us most concerned. But thanks to n4bb, we can fear no more.

Some newly-leaked photos show a couple of Android apps scaling perfectly to the square display – no letterboxing, no awkward stretching.

That’s Android apps covered, but what about native BlackBerry 10 programs? We hope it’s the same result but we can’t know for sure just yet.

  • LG’s also thinking differently with the LG G Flex, but is it any good?

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